• Our core business is developing and marketing new technology to increase the efficiency of heavy-duty diesel engines. In particular, our Dual-Fuel Retrofit Systems (DFRS) (propane or natural gas) are designed to reduce the operational cost and emissions of a heavy-duty diesel engine by allowing the engine to burn an alternative fuel in combination with diesel fuel or bio-diesel, resulting in fuel cost savings plus potential emissions and tax credits.

  • Further, the CCAT dual-fuel system includes a custom exhaust treatment catalyst creating a total systems solution called a Dual-Fuel Retrofit System (DFRS) which was granted the first ever Alternative Fuel Certification from the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

  • CCAT has been in the heavy-duty diesel retrofit business for over eight years. We have marketed such products as oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and alternative fuel system. CCAT has focused on the California off-road market targeting: construction, mining, agriculture, forest products, stationary/ portable engines and cargo handling equipment at the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland.

CCAT has become the FIRST company to be
awarded a California Air Resource Board (CARB)
propane-diesel dual-fuel off-road Alternative
Fuel Certification.

Executive Order
Issued on
November 3, 2011

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